Green Corner

Eco-friendly practices at Hacienda La Mocha

We are committed to the environment and the preservation of our natural resources. 

  • Water conservation is very important for us. That is why rain water is collected and stored to be used as irrigation for the gardens and the maintenance of the exteriors. We kindly ask that you make the best use of potable water and not leave the faucet or shower on if not in use.

  • Room cleaning and linen changes are offered on a daily basis. However, on an effort to conserve energy we ask that you consider re-using your towels. If you desire to change them, please leave them on the floor to be picked up by our staff.

  • Hacienda La Mocha stores photovoltaic energy in batteries and uses it for many of its operations. We kindly ask that you help us save energy by being mindful of turning the lights off during daylight or when not in use.

  • Energy saving LED bulbs are used throughout the Hacienda and the Guesthouse.

  • We are committed to Reduce, Reuse and Recycling! That is why we promote the use of non-disposable cutlery and china thus maximizing its reuse and reducing the amount of garbage generated. Also, there are properly labeled recycling bins for plastic, aluminum and paper located throughout the Hacienda. 

  • All of our tours are eco-friendly walking tours.

  • Our coffee processing practices and machinery are amongst the most environmentally conscious. We do not use environmentally hazardous chemicals in our farm nor produce toxic waste.     


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